ScanBizCards Business Card Reader App Reviews

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Super easy!

So happy to get rid of all my contractor business cards! And now I always have them with me & can forward them to others.

Works great

Does what it says and syncs well with iPhone contacts

This app is amazing

Love love love it


No more cards to fumble around trying to find. Worth a buck!!

Accurate and Easy

Seems to work well

Very inconsistent results

The OCR gives very inconsistent results. I find myself retaking the picture to scan two or three times before it gets it right. With that, it does not save time.

Solid App

I really like the app but I would like a way to and Tags to each card. A tag would be like a title but different. We need to be able to search by them as well. ;)

Accurate and Easy

Seems to work well

Invaluable Tool

Saves me hours or time, automatically pulling important information into my address book and keeping up with new contacts.

Best Scan Biz Card app!!

I tried them All! This is the best and its easy to use!

Love it

Simply works every time Ive used it which is 10 times. Rarely have to make any changes, and then they are are minor.


This is a great application, try, you will love it

Must have for business professionals

I use it for all my business cards.

Love its simplicity

Does the job and now I just wish it could save to Google contacts also. Satisfied customer.

Poor transition of information

Tried this app, it cant seem to properly duplicate the text on cards. Populates data into the contact fields incorrectly with spelling and caps errors. Sometimes misses the states in the address, especially with my contacts from out of the country. It cant seem to understand accents over certain letters of names so it completely butchers it, or international addresses that dont have the same format as US address. I have to edit almost every field. Waste of time.

Use it every day

This is my main CRM so easy to use and share between my other devices. To scam cards on the go is great. If you old enough you might remember a rolodex, you will never lose a contact, its in the cloud.


I spent a few days scanning, cropping and organizing 250 cards, then when I backed up to WebSync and synced another device, all cards disappeared on all devices and backup... Im done with this!

Great App

Works well. Have made great use of it. Easy to use and effective.

A real time saver

I love this program because it allows the taking of a picture of the card and will will in the data fields. For conventionally laid out cards it is very accurate. Easy to edit.

Great App

Have used successfully for years. After some help from the responsive customer service folks got the info from the cloud to my new iPhone 7. Thanks..

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